Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are You a Racist Admiral Cod? Let's Talk.

There are on these interwebs, all sorts of folks. A free and open forum for which I advocate. You are free to say as you please, as am I. Because I am free to speak, I would like to bring up my good buddy Admiral Cod.

Once upon a time he would leave pleasant comments on my posts. He saw my site fit enough to list me on his blogroll. I would comment on his site from time to time, if I felt I had something to offer.

Then one day it stopped. It’s hard to pinpoint when or why. Let me forward some guesses.

Was it when I mentioned the taint of slavery on American historical locations?

Was it perhaps when I posted a picture of my wife?

Possibly it was my exposing myself as a teetotaler, or was it that one post you did. You know, the one where you stopped “approving” or posting my comments? You remember the post right? The one where you posted a video clip of an old movie where the English stave off a final attack by the savage Africans. You approved a comment by some chap who lamented that we cannot treat our modern “brown menace” in like fashion. I pointed out that letting such racially negative comments to go unanswered was bad form. To which your response was… nothing. You would not post my comment nor respond to my email.

I let it go. Some times things are best left alone. But yesterday you were at it again. I have looked around and find your site listed on other sites blogrolls, you list some fine ones yourself, and the extent to which your rants go unanswered, or even defended, concerns me. Hats off to the young man at Sartorially Inclined. You posted his concern, but again not mine. Who’s else do you delete?

Here is what you wrote is what I wrote:

Racial acceptance is not a zero sum game. Perhaps the “others” are not welcome to you, but to assume your opinions are held by all is more than presumptuous.

You infer, and this is by no means the first time, that the decline of society as you see it, is hastened by the presence and or acceptance of minorities. You claim superiority in your Anglophile ways that is obviously tied to whiteness as you see it.

How sad.

You may think the proper order of the world, right side up as you put it, has whites at the top and others below, how do you propose this to happen?

What are you advocating or predicting?

Why, and this is more important, do you think this is the way it should be?

You portray yourself as cultured and learned, but this is simple ignorance.

No… I was wrong. You are neither simple nor ignorant, perhaps something worse.

Maybe it was I who was out of line.

So… was I?


Mrs. C said...

I followed your link on over to his site, and was immediately and powerfully offended. This is an effing bizarre world we are living in.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly delighted to discover this. Good job!

Anonymous said...

He is, been there done that with this guy. Hitler made over. He comes across as this Alpha, James Bond horse shit type. That much is a facdue.