Monday, March 3, 2014

Law School, Palm Trees, and Pirate Treasure

What do you do if you are a slightly heavy ‘tween’, who despite his usefulness in finding hidden pirate treasure and fending off strangely friendly monsters named Sloth, but is constantly ridiculed and called “Chunk” by the likes of Rudy?

You go to law school and become lawyer.

The first part happened on a movie set. That last part happened at UCLA.
That’s right, Chunk from the Goonies went to the UCLA School of Law and can now sue the pants off of anyone who clowns his girth. Though word on the street is he no longer matches that childhood nickname.

According to the data about 80% of the people who went to UCLA’s law school are capable of suing people’s pants off so be careful.

Better yet, don’t fight them, join them. There are palm trees, the beach, and at one time George Mastras the writer and creator of Breaking Bad. If you are a little less Hollywood you may appreciate that the former provost of Dartmouth, who then went on to be president of Occidental, was UCLA Law alum. Not too shabby.

I’m sure it is mostly due to Chunk, but the school does boast a top twenty ranking in US News and World Report. It’s lot cheaper thanYale. It snows a lot in New Haven. Just sayin.

I myself have no desire to be a lawyer, but in the event I need one, I know where to look.