Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick-or-tre... never mind

So the Mrs. and our daughter are handing out candy. A lady and her kids skip our house.
Our daughter calls after them that we do have candy for them. They ignore her. Our blonde neighbor hears the shouting, comes outside (our doors are less than 1 foot away from each other)and shouts after them that she has candy.

The lady came back, took candy from our neighbor, silently looked at my wife and daughter, then silently ushered her kid away... still not taking candy from my wife.

My neighbor was in shock with none of her usual excuse making and explaining things away.

Happy Halloween.


uglyblackjohn said...

I live in a more overtly racist area but have the opposite effect.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You know there are some humans on this earth who don't deserve to be called human beings,but animals like they act.
I'm sorry your daughter had to see the ugly side of life so soon.

Anonymous said...

WOW, she was so obviously stupid and she is teaching that to her kid. I wonder how that neighbor would have behaved if you were a bm and your wife was a ww? That neighbor has no other choice but to realize attitudes are changing and so should hers.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

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brohammas said...

Jules.... "yes"