Tuesday, December 9, 2008

placeholders in my notebook


Jake said...

I wish I was rich enough to start using money as a bookmark. Sheesh!

PS. I would be very interested in your comments on the NFL culture, the influence of the black culture, and having poor kids from the "ghetto" getting out of the ghetto and slung into wealth and fame via the NFL (ie. Plaxico Buress fiasco) I think it would be a fun discussion.

Scott and Jenna said...

This is a fun cross-section of life. We were just in the Bahamas last month. Your writing is always interesting & I find myself wondering where you get the ideas of whom to write about next.

brohammas said...

Thanks Jenna, I just do bios of people I think are interesting or did remarkable things.

Jake, I have no personal experiance with the NFL aside from TV and my dreams. Good idea though. I can come up with something.
One day, when you get as cool as your wife, you can use american dollars for book marks.

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