Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Save the Last Dance

“There were black people all up and through that movie… and for no reason too!”

My wife shouted those words on our way back to the babysitters after seeing 7 Pounds last night. It was Will Smith, so of course you expect to see a black main character and consequentially a black love interest but what about all those other folks?

I’m not here to spoil any plot lines and I’m not the top movie critic around, but I have to comment on this. The cast of this movie isn’t huge, no epic crowds or masses. Race isn’t an issue to the plot. They could have been Asian or African and it would change nothing. To my recollection race was never mentioned. I didn’t see any drug dealers, no one got shot, no prostitutes, no cops, no aliens, and no explosions.

I did see a rocket scientist, an artist, a tax collector, doctors, telemarketer, musician, sleazy motel owner, golf, and an aquarium. Spike Lee had nothing to do with the movie and there was no big hip-hop sound track. There was even an interracial couple where the man was the white one… and it was never acknowledged.

Still there they were. Black people, for no reason at all.

We loved it.

We gave the movie a B, but it gets an A for not living up to Hollywood stereotypes.


Corbie said...


tristanjh said...

I was looking forward to seeing this movie anyway, but now I am even more so!

Joel and Sara said...

really i thought santa looked like a fb player

Jake said...

I sure do like that Will Smith guy. He just seems like a great man and a family man at that. I would expect no less from him. It sounds like a good movie. Glad you both enjoyed it.

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SSBenjamins said...

I will be honest, I want to go see the movie for the fact that Will Smith is in it, he is hot and I love Will Smith- I am looking forward to this movie..

JDR said...

This movie was great, I actually cried at the end.