Wednesday, May 28, 2008

John Ledyard (was Freakin' Cool)


Jake said...

I think I might have a problem with you saying a guy whose goal in life was "to wander for 7 years" and who got arrested and forced into the military on charges of "idleness". It is good to see you are seeking after good rolemodels. Ha Ha! I can see how his exploratory and independent nature is enticing.

brohammas said...

Come on, this guy sailed round the world and walked almost the entire length of Eurasia while walking for four hours in a mall puts me on death's door.
He's been to tentimes more places than I have and he didn't even have a corperate gas card.
(of course I found no record of a wife whispering common sense and resposability in his ear)
Don't be a hater.

brohammas said...

P.S. "idleness" laws were simply that of you didn't have a job or a letter of introduction, you could be forced into military service. It had nothing to do with sitting on the corner of the 7-11 all day.

Anonymous said...

props out to Jake for being able to read your handwriting.
that guy is spretty cool though!