Thursday, May 29, 2008

Internal Combustion Engine


Jake said...

My wife was commenting to me, that she doesn't comment on your blog, because: "what can I comment about a drawing of a four stroke engine".
For those of us with more of a mechanical interest, I don't really have a good comment either, it is just interesting. One of those things all guys should know.

brohammas said...

Maybe the comment could be something like,"is that whats in my car?" or maybe she will go open the hood, recognize something, realize why oil is important, check it, and save $3,000 when you don't throw a rod.
This post is surely more useful, and less interesting, than john Ledyard, who IS freekin' cool.

tristanjh said...

I beg to differ...unless you plan on drawing a diagram of how to change the oil, then this isn't helping me out all that much, as interesting as it may be.

Lisa said...

hmmm.... I can kind of relate to this internal combustion thingy.... compression and igniting and all that stuff? Yeah, I can relate. It's ll good though! Things are working the way they're supposed to!

Life is good. So are engines. When there's enough oil in 'em. :)