Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black Horror Movie.

There are two routes around the block to get to my home. As we were coming home the other night, we saw up ahead, approximately 10 police cars all pulled into a small residential intersection, lights flashing. Now this is not a heavily trafficked block so the likelihood that this was an auto accident was nil.

It was in the direction of one of the usual routes home, so naturally I said, "Wow look at that! That's only a block away," and began turning toward the commotion.

My wife stopped me, looked me in the eye, and quite seriously said, "from now on you are living in a black horror movie. You know, the kind where the characters actually run AWAY from danger."

We took the alternate route home.


uglyblackjohn said...

Smart wife.
Trouble will always find you, no need to give it any help.

L.J. said...

I always say that if a black person runs, you might want to follow suit.

And I'm only partially kidding when I say it.

Jenna said...

This really smart girlfriend of mine who moved to Philadelphia once wisely said to me, "Sometimes I don't want to see what I think I want to see." as we drove by an accident.

Claudia said...

Smart wife! Sorry to hear about the commotion - it is never good news to have a gaggle of police cars show up.

Corbie said...

I hate horror movies - black or white. But I really like that painting. Nice job.

brohammas said...

Yes, yes, she is much smarter than me (She got to wear cool ropes and stuff at graduation from the U). I still can't resist living up to the stereotype of white folk seeing a commotion and actually going toward rather than away from the trouble.
I blame genetics.

Claudia, points for the use of gaggle in a non fowl context. We don't live in the "bad" part of town but often have to turn up the TV to hear over the helicopters. You know how on the movies the chopper searches for the runaway with a spotlight? How bout your 4 year old sitting in the window waving when th elight hits her or running down the sidewalk trying to catch the light as it searches the bushes?

Corbie, thanks. That and the green angel were gifts to a sister in law who collects angels.

Debo Blue said...

I am hollerin!

Mouth open wide hollerin at your wife!

Tell her I said "Girl you right!"

Rod Johnson said...

I knew I would finally catch up to you guys. Funny post. Kay is a smart one all right. We still have our painting you gave us for a wedding gift! You thought we didn't like it, anyway!

Siditty said...

I am so glad your wife talked some sense into you. Once a long time ago me and my husband were at a public event in which there was a loud noise. My husband wanted to know what it was. I wanted to run in the opposite direction. I convinced him running was the better option. I still don't know what that noise was, but I know I am safe.

renee said...

Thank goodness your wife warned you!! Never, EVER get sucked into following drama like that!