Friday, September 26, 2008

Criminal Record

Wednesday night we had a church youth activity at my house. We played a Jeopardy game centered on our church's standards.

The category was "Sabbath Day Observance"

The answer was "when looking for a job you should tell your potential employer {blank}"

(the answer is, "we don't work on Sunday)

In an effort to win a twelve year old boy quickly blurted out "Your criminal record!!!"

As people laughed not only he, but his teammates as well, looked around wondering what was funny.

This kid has never commit ed a crime in his life.

You can't tell me this kid has the same opportunities I had at his age.


Corbie said...

Since it was Jeopardy, shouldn't it have been phrased as a question - as in "What is my criminal record?". Dang kids these days - can't even get their game shows straight. Okay, enough with my jokes - I will let your other readers 'tackle' (as in football) the tough question that remains.

tristanjh said...

Agreed. 100%

How's that for the shortest comment on the history of your blog?

uglyblackjohn said...

Until I was eight, I lived in "the hood".
When we moved by the country club and the police came to patrol the neighborhood, I yelled, "Run!". All of us kids took off running. The officers caught us and asked why we ran. I said, "You're the police".
I learned that day that when you live in a nice suburban neighborhood - the police are on YOUR side.

Queen said...

That is hilllarious, Jermaine and I crAcKed up!